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Founded in 2014 with the goal of providing a unique shopping experience, Rich Rats gives shoppers the chance to explore two sides: grunge or glamour, while learning how the two work together. There is something for everyone; from office to weekend wear and everything in between. Rich Rats' brands include: Against Nudity, BB Dakota, Black Swan, Chaser Brand, CHRLDR, Gentle Fawn, Jack, LA Made, MinkPink, Others Follow and UnREAL Fur. reinvents the temporary tattoo with the best imagery and styles from the world of permanent tattoo. The idea behind is to make temporary tattoos with the best imagery and style of the permanent art form. The range and variety of types and styles of tattoos is a vast resource to draw from. make this art form available in a way that people can experiment and have fun with. 

DOME' Luxury Leather is high-fashion, hand-crafted leather couture for the man or woman with a bold sense of style. Change the stereotypical perception of leather DOME' creates elegant leather couture that exudes attitude and power, creating an abundance of gravity-defying movement and sculptured designs. DOME' work the impossible into the possible and the unimaginable into the imaginable. Let your mind go. Let your passion soar. Let your body feel the fantasy. 


Mary Lou Banks has an eye for creating sophisticated, elegant jewelry and is always looking for those deeper treasures that lay just under the surface… unique, perfect in their imperfections and differences. That is exactly what her jewelry is – perfect imperfections. Lulu B Designs are inspired by her the European notion that more is not better.