Has Drag Race Sent The Wrong Queens Packing?


As the final of "RuPauls Drag Race" quickly approaches, the sewing challenge has finally arrived! The sewing challenges are always my favourite as I love to see the sickening runway presentations , however I hate to say that this seasons sewing challenge didn't live up to previous seasons. At the end of a phenomenal lip sync with Kennedy Davenport, RuPaul decided to tell fan favourite Katya to "sashay away." Was this the wrong decision? In my opinion - yes.


The first shock of this episode (for me) was that Katya actually isn't Russian! I feel stupid for thinking that she was, so it would be comforting to find out that I'm not the only one who believed her character.

The mini-challenge for this episode was the puppet challenge, which is similar to the reading challenge, but with adorable drag puppets. Another delightful thing about the puppet challenge is that RuPaul never fails to come up with corny jokes about the black hole that the puppets are held in. Ginger Minj won the challenge with her hilarious impression of Violet.

When RuPaul announced what the main challenge was, I jumped for joy as I love every sewing challenge! However I was very disappointed when I found out they were only producing one runway look rather than the usual three looks that the queens have put together in previous seasons. Which Violet looked delighted that they needed to produce an outfit, Kennedy, Ginger and Katya all looked very worried about the challenge. When it came to the runway presentations, Violet looked flawless (as always) and it was obvious that she would be the winner. 

The bottom two this week were Kennedy Davenport and Katya. Their lip sync to "Roar" by Katy Perry was absolutely amazing, and the best way to describe it is how Violet shouted: "YASSSSS!" at the end of the performance. When the tense silence arrived after the lip sync, I was sure that RuPaul would announce that Katya was staying in the competition, but I was shocked and devastated when RuPaul told Kennedy she was safe. If the decision was based on the runway presentation, Kennedy would definitely have left, her outfit was dreadful! It seems to me that Kennedy has very little passion for drag, whereas Katya was very passionate about her time on the show. RuPaul has previously been criticized by fans this season for her eliminations, including sending Max home over Jaidynn Diore Fierce. 

Overall, Violet Chachki is my favourite queen of this season and deserves to win. She is flawless in every way and absolutely beautiful. She has also never had to lip sync, showing that she is consistently on top of her game.


Do you think that RuPaul has made a few questionable eliminations this season? Or do you think we should trust her judgment?