Why Syron is All You Need This Summer

Photographer: Riya Hollings

Photographer: Riya Hollings

Syron is back, and if you weren’t a fan, you will be when you listen to her new track. You may have heard the sultry, starlets, contribution to Rudimental’s spoons. Yeah, that was her, with the amazing, old school, meets new school garage vocal. Well, that unmistakable, velvet voice has returned. And this time she’s not just featuring, it’s all about Syron. After taking a year off, to write songs in LA, she’s ready to do her own thing. And it starts with her new single, All I Need, which is out on May 31st. 



“ Rising star”
Resident Advisor
“‘All I Need’ is a wonderfully addictive arms-aloft affair…a finely crafted pop tune”
The Line of Best Fit



 Grammy-nominated, Rice & Peas are behind the production on, All I Need and the single has already been picked up by London DJ’s such as DJ Target on 1XTRA and Majestic at Kiss FM. One listen, and you’ll be addicted! Between studio sessions, dance rehearsals and writing music, Syron found time to have a quick chat with us. World, meet the future queen of dance-pop!

How would you describe your style and sound?  
I'd say my sound and my style as in how I dress are both just a natural reflection of myself. They’re both a combination of my life so far, what I’ve seen and done, what I want to be, and what I want to leave behind. I have key things I always wear, like gold sovereigns, and hoop earrings, and long nails. I like to mix and match stuff. I like being glam, in a tacky way. My sound is thoughtful, soulful, dance-pop. I like it to sound emotional in an accessible way. 

What inspires your music? 
To be honest everything inspires my music. Lyrically, I am inspired by everything and everyone around me. I only write about things I know or things that are relevant to me. Sound and production-wise, there are lots of different styles that inspire my music: old R&B tracks and lots of house and garage. Overall I suppose, it would mainly Pop music though!

Tell us something random about yourself.
I wore a batman costume basically 24/7 - my mum had to buy two so could wear one while the other was being washed. Usually teamed with a pair of those little plastic high heels you get.

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IG: @syrongurl
TBLR: syronofficial.tumblr.com