Why MAGIC MIKE XXL Is Better Than The First One


I didn't really expect much when I saw the original Magic Mike... if Channing Tatum wasn't so goddamn cute it would have never even made theatres. The first one was... artsy? Not enough dancing for my taste. The acting was rough for the most part, but I would blame that more on the script... which fairly enough is based on a true story, but come on... lots of filler...you can get back to their abs now or writing that actually MOVES the storyline forward. They tried to get creative and artsy with the way it was filmed - the cinematography, angles, lighting, music. Kudos to them for that, you gotta be different in Hollywood to stand out, but quite frankly most of the time watching it I felt like I smoked something I shouldn't have...

MAGIC MIKE XXL (the 2015 sequel) came out, and I kinda knew what I was getting myself into, but I would never turn down Channing Tatum dancing erotically for me on a jumbo-tron screen so I went with my boyfriend and his roommate, but I was actually IMPRESSED!

Sequels are always a hard gamble... they either flop or do better, or....you have to add a third film to make it into a trilogy. But it also comes down to taste - Let's take the Sex And The City movies for example... the first one was good but it was overly dramatic and a rollercoaster of emotions and great wardrobing by Patricia Field, but the sequel where they go to Abu Dhabi... SO FUNNY! I definitely enjoyed it more and (in my opinion) they all look younger in the sequel than in the first one. OK but back to Channing....

What really made XXL better for me was similar to Sex And The City 2... it was funnier and way less dramatic. The characters have already been established so now they give us some laughs and some entertainment! AND THEY DID. There was way more choreography, way more dancing. The plot was a little bit more easy going. It was enjoyable. The script wasn't as terrible. The cinematography was artistic but a little more subtle. What really made the movie great though, was the new characters. ROME played by Jada Pinkett-Smith was my favourite! I won't reveal too much about her but she is the bomb! Elizabeth Banks, Andie McDowell, Amber Heard, and Childish Gambino all join the cast for XXL as well and definitely make it more enjoyable. I'd say you could wait until it's on VOD or DVD but...you should see these boys on the jumbo-tron while you can!