Why I Can Be Single AF & Still Enjoy Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The thought of it invokes strong feelings for or against but never somewhere in between. Some can become bitter by the mere mention of the sappiest of all the non-stat holidays whereas I adore Valentine’s Day. You read that right. I am single as fuck and love Valentine’s Day.

While some of my single friends may begrudgingly refer to the day as “Singles Awareness Day” I think it’s time we put that term to rest. I mean, for heaven sakes, the acroymn is S.A.D… that’s as depressing as it gets. I get it, it’s hyped up, it’s definitely commercialized, but then again, what isn’t? I just think Valentine’s Day gets a bad rep.

For me, it’s not about the cheesy window displays, being in a relationship or having my Facebook feed clusterfucked with engagement announcements (gag) but what the holiday is suppose to specifically celebrate… love.

I am self-proclaimed cynical romantic and while they may seem like an oxymoron, I am steadfast in my belief that however impractical, foolish, and stupid it may seem, love is a beautiful thing.

Not just love for a romantic partner but love for the things around you. My friends and family are people that I love that I don’t appreciate enough. They hear about my triumphs and tribulations, darkest secrets and deepest desires, biggest insecurities and most frustrating fears. I am lucky to have found and fostered so much love in my life I need not wish for it or stew in the fact that I’m “lacking” it this Valentine’s Day.

(Besides, there is a stage of my life I’ve recently entered where I want to hang on to my freedom but still enjoy the company of men in a dating capacity, but that’ll be another post at a later date.)

Here are a few other not-so-sappy reasons I love Valentine’s Day as well:

Dress to Impress

To all of you beautiful readers who follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that as of lately, red is my go to colour. Whether it’s a skin-tight dress, glass of wine or shade of lipstick I can’t say no to red. Use Valentine’s Day as your excuse to dress to the nines and wear that outfit you bought after the internal debate “but when will I ever wear it?” because you don’t have to look great for anyone other than you.

Sweet Sentiments


I’m a sucker for handwritten cards. I’ve been known to hand stamp Christmas, birthday and thank you cards for those nearest and dearest to my heart because: a) I’m cheap as fuck, b) I love an excuse to buy stationary, and c) what is more heartfelt that actually writing out your thoughts by putting pen to paper? Seriously, when you handwrite a card not only does it spark creativity but you learn how to make every word count. Handwritten valentines are sentimental yet timeless for a reason.

Love Yourself

There is no unwritten rule anywhere states that single people have suffer on February 14th. It’s a day all about love, so treat yo self. Whether you decide to pamper yourself with a full body massage, drink an entire bottle of wine, or decide that you’re better off left to your own devices, Valentine’s Day seems as good of a day as any to celebrate and learn to be comfortable with yourself. (Plus all three of those things help you sleep better.)

And the most obvious of all:

Half priced chocolates on February 15th.