Hey Good Lookin'

It’s no secret that everything is full of chemicals; we are now more aware of what we put into our body than ever, and this should extend to what we put on our body. Although it’s impossible to avoid all the nasties, some of my favourite beauty pick me ups come 100% chemical and additive free (and they are better and cheaper than the alternatives!).
I’m always on the go, and working late, dragging heavy suitcases around London, and having to wear thick makeup under hot studio lights, can leave a girl in need of some pampering. Life can take its toll, and over time I’ve come to rely on a few amazing, natural, quick fixes.

An aficionado of the natural beauty scene is Gwyneth Paltrow, and I’m sure everyone has come across at least one interview, which hears Ms Paltrow raving about coconut oil. Although her latest tip, oil pulling is not for everyone. The process of oil pulling sees Ms Paltrow swilling coconut oil around her mouth every day for 20 minutes, I’ve tried, it is not nice. The thought of drawing all toxins out of my mouth, and even my body is (the ancient Ayurvedic belief behind the dental technique) is appealing. I just can’t do the whole mouth full of oil thing. Although, coconut oil is my go to for everything else beauty related, it’s a great moisturising hair mask, a great facial oil, and a great alternative to bio-oil. If your hair is feeling dry rub some pure coconut oil into the ends. Wear a shower cap and leave to soak for a few hours, or overnight (be sure to cover your pillow with a towel or old pillowcase) then wash out with your regular shampoo. 

The avocado is getting some great PR these days; it’s cooler and more versatile than ever (see for yourself). So versatile, in fact, it can even go on your face! Avocado Cleanser is great when your skin is oily, and you’ve been up late. It contains lemon that helps ease oiliness and the avocado gently soothes and freshens a tired face. The cleanser lasts for five days if you keep it in a sealed bottle, which is handy if you’re on the go and don’t have time to mash avocados every day! Just use it after washing your face and rinse after a minute or two.
How to make it:
-Peel two large ripe avocados 
-Remove stones and mash in a bowl
-Add the juice of two whole lemons
-Blend into a paste (it’s that simple)

Another great tip that always saves me comes in the form of green tea bags. If you drink green tea its a great way to recycle the teabags, if not it’s worth buying them just for your make up bag! Put two green tea bags, which have soaked in hot water for a minute into the freezer, and leave them for about 5 minutes. Before moisturising put the tea bags over your eyes, lie back and relax. In 10 minutes, your eyes will be bright, with no sign of dreaded dark circles. 

A really quick home remedy I swear by is honey, it’s great if, like me, you are prone to sensitive skin. If your skin is feeling delicate, put a thick layer of honey on your face like a face mask and let it sit for 10 minutes. Soak a flannel in warm water and use it to wipe away the honey. Be prepared to get a little bit sticky (it’s definitely worth it!) The honey is soothing, calming and leaves skin nourished without any aggravating perfumes and chemicals that can sting sensitive skin. 

I’m sure you have at least one of these foods at home, so give some natural beauty treatments a try.