Thoughts on the #DadBod


As someone who’s body shape is best described as an hourglass with a few extra minutes I wanted to write about the obsession with the dad bod. If you have any kind of social media account you’ve probably already formed your own opinions about the six pack, beer gut hybrid extraordinaire.

As stated in this post, the dad bod says “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends.” (It instantly left me wishing there was a female counterpart that sounded as endearing as this seasons’ equivalent of the normcore trend.) Seemingly, the first step to dad bod is frat bod, a wonderful time in a young man’s life where his metabolism is okay with him consuming his weight in brews on a regular to semi-regular basis.

After consulting with a few girlfriends and a couple of gay friends it seems like a lot of people are really into it. General consensus: the lackadaisical “take-it-or-leave-it” approach to maintaining a peak fitness body makes guys seem more approachable, down to earth and presumptuously, less hung up on what your body looks like. Sounds like this trend is more about the attraction to someone’s personality as opposed to their actually body. Surprisingly, men and women want a partner that doesn’t make them feel self-conscious about their own body. Everyone always says “I like being active occasionally, but enjoying life as well” but now we have a gender-specific term to hashtag the bejesus out of. 

Unfortunately I feel as if this trend word seems to say the appeal of a dad bod lies in someone else’s insecurity. As if to say: I am allowed to be attached to you because you’re slightly less than societal “perfect” and are more obtainable to me, also less than societal “perfect.”

I often joke that I love my abs so much that I cover them with a layer of fat and if I ever fall in love with a man who is down to occasionally order takeout without judgment I’ll consider myself a lucky woman regardless of his body type. (And also watches Game of Thrones, because let's be real.)