The Case for the Black Blazer


I was talking to my friend Jackie a while ago and the topic of work wear came up.  She was asking my opinion on what she should pack for an upcoming trip she was taking for work.  I gave her a few suggestions and ended with “And you probably only need one blazer since you’ll just be there a few days” to which she responded “I don’t have a blazer”. Shocked silence.  My friend is in her mid-twenties, lives in Brooklyn and works for an e-commerce company that sells designer eyewear.  She is adorable with awesome personal style.  She frequently meets with buyers and attends functions the company puts on where she interacts with potential clients.  How does one get to this point in life without owning a blazer?  I asked her as much.  “I dunno” she says “I just never bought one”.  Needless to say I was thoroughly scandalized.

There are few items as versatile as a well cut blazer.  Certainly not only for the office, a good blazer pulls together any outfit.  When I’m dressing for my own corporate-y job in the morning and wonder if my slightly distressed, moderately slouchy boyfriend jeans will make HR raise their judgmental eyebrows at me, the solution is always to throw on a blazer (as evidenced here, here, here and here)  and voila! Instant office appropriateness.  Take that, HR.

I ordered Jackie to leave her house immediately and head to the nearest Zara STAT.  I recommended she start with black because of the go-with-everything factor and I felt she needed to be gently eased into the world of blazers.  Other colors would be discussed down the road.  While I think a great blazer is an investment piece worth splurging on if you have the means, there are lots of great options that will still allow you to pay your rent and eat.  At Zara Jackie would find good quality, moderately priced, on trend options.  Check out a few of my faves below.

This straight cut, one button jacket is classic and this slightly oversized style adds polish but with a cool girl edge.  I love the shorter boxy cut on this one and I have to include this striped, textured number because I really want it for myself.  Seriously perfect for Spring.  For the already initiated, try this longer cut, pink topper with patch pockets, this kelly green option with rad little gold buttons or this fitted white silhouette because a white blazer is just Everything.


If you have some bucks to spend and are ready to invest in a piece that you’ll have for years, Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone make some dope options.  I’m all about the tuxedo cut here and the leather sleeves here.   The collar on this navy Rag & Bone is crazy cool and this pretty grey blazer is begging to come home with me.  You can’t go wrong with this classic black blazer which just so happens to be on major sale at Barney’s Warehouse.  You’re welcome.

The moral of this story is that Jackie bought a blazer and was promoted within a week.  Okay, that didn’t happen but her wardrobe is more complete with the addition.  Everyone needs a blazer.  If you didn’t know, now you know.