The Case Against the Flip Flop


This article is apt to be very controversial.  Despite the fact that we will be discussing sandals as opposed to religion or the least ridiculous of the potential Republican Presidential candidates, the subject of the flip flop and the accompanying opinions as to whether or not they are an appropriate choice of footwear seem to elicit a great deal of emotion in my experience.  And as you may have guessed by the title of the article, I am very firmly on Team No Flip Flops.

I am referencing the rubber flip flop of Havianas or Old Navy ilk. The type that should be worn only to the pool/beach and maybe to get a pedi or to yoga.  And then only if you plan to go straight home after your pedi or yoga class and put on some real shoes.   My issue lies with the practice of wearing said flip flops as regular footwear.  Unacceptable.


I have long taken umbrage with the flip flop.  To me, wearing a rubber flip flop all day as you run errands is akin to wearing your bath robe and slippers to the supermarket.  I finally decided to write this article after spending the day shopping with a very close and very dear friend of mine who (insert sad sigh here) wore flip flops on an afternoon when we were to have brunch and stroll around Old Town Pasadena.  In her defense she lives in a beach side community where flip flops appear to be the preferred choice of footwear.  Plus she generally looks really cute and wears great shoes.  This is why it was so distressing that she opted to wear her Havianas all day.  I made some rumblings about it and complained that she might have worn some other type of flat sandal to which she replied that she owned none.  I was left almost as speechless as when another dear friend told me that she didn’t own a black blazer. .  Now, this woman owns a very healthy number of shoes (we could probably go toe to toe in a “Most Ridiculous Number of Shoes” contest) yet not one of those includes a great gladiator sandal? Or lace up pointy toed flat? Or dope espadrille?  How does that happen? 

In the case of my sweet friend I believe it’s a combination of factors.  Firstly she is petite and feels that she needs to wear a heel to add height.  In the heel department, she is doing just fine.  She’s comfortable enough in a 4 inch stiletto to take the stairs or trot across the street to make the light before it turns red. Impressive, indeed.  Outside of a heel, however, I think she’s at a loss.  So she resorts to the dreaded flip flop. Again, partly the result of where she lives (I blame you for this, Redondo Beach) and partly because it’s easy.  She was uncomfortable with the idea of shopping for and buying a different type of flat shoe.  As I considered this, I realized that she is likely not alone.  That this may be the reason many women resort to wearing such sadness on their feet. And since I always aim to serve the community and help my fellow man in any way I can (so long as it doesn’t involve a lot of work on my end, that is) I offer the following selection of sandals and flat shoes to consider as an alternative to rubber shower shoes.