Simone Denny Returns To The Spotlight With Soulful New Record


Best known for her lead vocal role with 90's dance group, Love Inc., Simone Denny is back in the spotlight and gearing up to release a new album, The Stereo Dynamite Sessions, Vol. 1. The Canadian dance diva is digging deep, going back to her roots and giving fans a glimpse into the vulnerability that her personality holds. The Stereo Dynamite Sessions, Vol. 1 is slated for release in Spring 2015.

Your career has been an amazing ride so far - you've had massive hits around the globe and performed with legends like Miss Patti LaBelle. Which moments stand out in your mind the most - where you think "wow - that actually happened"?

SD: I have definitely had some amazing moments. Singing with Patti was surreal as it came full circle for me. Another awesome moment was when touring with Love Inc. Singing to audiences of 250,000 people who didn’t speak a word of English, but knew every word of our music. So much so... that I stopped singing and the audience took over. That blew me away. I had to take a moment on stage and just take it all in.  

I'm loving what I've heard of this new record, The Stereo Dynamite Sessions, Vol. 1. Your voice is full of so many rich tones perfect for soulful music like this. Where did the idea come from to record a soul album?

SD: The concept for this album actually came from my manager Adam Sewell. He approached me with the idea. I had known Adam for years. What he didn’t know is that I listened and sung music like this growing up. So the genre and style were very comfortable for me. He knew me for dance music and R&B. He was pleasantly surprised when he heard me sing “Your Love Fades Away” in his office.

Who inspires you as an artist? 

SD: My tastes in music are very eclectic. Everything around me inspires me. So I’d have to say life is my biggest inspiration. 

What is the best piece of advice that you've ever received?

SD: To this day the best advice about the industry I’ve ever received which really put what I do in perspective is from my mom. She always said you’ve been blessed with a tremendous talent. Stay humble. Remember how you affect people’s lives. In your audience at every performance always remember there are friends meeting for the first time. People meeting, and people falling in love.  You are healing and inspiring someone who is going through something. What you do is not about you. It’s about them.  That has always kept music in perspective for me. It makes my performances and connecting with my audience very spiritual for me.


The first single from this new album is fantastic - one of your fans took to iTunes to comment: "Simone's powerful voice expresses emotion like nobody else. You can hear every drop of love and heartache in this track."
How does it feel to have such dedicated fans that have followed you through every phase of your career? 

SD: It’s a beautiful feeling. I am so grateful to my faithful fans and friends who come to every show to support me, continue to request my music on the radio and  purchase it. As musicians we are nothing without our fans.

What can fans expect from the rest of the album - I hear you're aiming for a release date in late spring? 

SD: On this album I get pretty deep. I’m exposing my vulnerable side. Talking about relationships. Break ups and the ins and outs of love. I’ve never done anything like this before musically. It’s a mix of music. Retro soul and rock with a little UK soul in the mix. Its definitely a different sound than what my fans are used to hearing from me. I’m at a stage in my life where I’m okay with exploring these topics. 

You've covered so many genres of music in your career - is there anything you haven't done yet that you'd still like to get around to in the future?

SD: I’m open to whatever comes along in my journey. That’s the way I’ve always been. I always say, dance and house music found me. 

Are there any artists on the scene that you think are killing it right now? 

SD: I’m loving The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and Hozier right now!