Say It Ain't So, Eva Chen


Sad news, everyone.  Last Thursday via an Instagram post and several Twitter posts, Lucky Magazine’s Editor In Chief, Eva Chen, confirmed rumors that she will be leaving the magazine in the coming months.  According to WWD, “Multiple sources have indicated that the magazine is going all digital, and that several investors in Silicon Valley have been interested in an acquisition of the company.”

I’ve been a long time reader of Lucky and in the short year that it has been under Chen’s purview there has definitely been a noted extra dose of cool.  Eva Chen is one of the more popular fashion editors for a few reasons: first off, her fashion game is consistently and without fail on point.  She coined the hashtag #evachenpose and her trademark posts from the backseat of her Uber depicting whatever dope ass shoes and bag she’s sporting for the day along with a piece of fruit have been replicated by every fashion girl on IG.  Also, she was the first Editor to put fashion bloggers on the cover of the magazine, a major risk that totally paid off.



But I think it’s her accessibility that really contributes to why she’s so likable.  Between posts of her adorable baby girl, Ren, her infectious grin and her candid and witty Editor’s Letters at the start of each issue of Lucky, Chen strikes you as someone who could be your friend.  Like if you saw her in Starbucks and tossed out a ‘Hey, what’s up?’ she’d respond with a friendly ‘Not much.  Just grabbing a latte’. 

Chen hasn’t shared what’s in store for her next but I’ve no doubt that she’ll be amazing at whatever she does.  We wish you luck, Ms. Chen. xoxo