Oooooh, girl! It's about to get severe up in here because these apprentices are thirsty for a smackdown. Not since Dionne Warwick "got your number, hussy," has there been a moment this juicy on Celebrity Apprentice.

On this week's episode, Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore got into an all out bitch fight during this week's firing. The argument broke out after Kenya was accused of stealing Vivica's phone and tweeting out the following message on Vivica's twitter account (typos and all):

"This menopause id killing me I can't think straight, Im acting a damn fool half the time 50 just isn't sexy."

After this accusation exploded in the board room, all hell broke loose and these ladies threw down the gloves. This is trashy television at its best, folks. Watch the clip below in all its glory. Who do you believe? Team Vivica or Team Kenya?