No Sleeep For Miss Jackson

The video for Janet Jackson's 2015 comeback single "No Sleeep" just dropped! She decided to add rapper J. Cole the song for the video as well (I think I still prefer her solo version but maybe I just need to listen some more). The video is well done! She looks great! I love her curly reddish hair (throwback to some 90's Janet hair realness). The song is smooth and sultry and the video (and J Cole's verse) take it to a whole new steeeamy place! There's foggy rain soaked windows, candles, midnight oil, brief dance sequences (she's holding them back though...teeeasing us! You'll have to go see her Unbreakable World Tour which kicks off in September!) There's a magnifying glass, there's a fierce floppy hat, a staircase, and when J. Cole comes in he all of a sudden clones himself and multiplies around the room? The only thing that was kind of weird (for me) in this video was the random projections on the wall of Janet with her Father when she's little... it just doesn't fit the sultry sexy vibe... other than that it's great!