Must See Short Film: Beautiful Meat

I've always been a bit of a movie buff but it wasn't until I was in university getting my theatre diploma that I truly appreciated the art of acting and short films. Short films are unique because they are often more to the point but on the other hand they are a conduit to be more creative, more provocative, and more abstract in editing and storyline progression. Beautiful Meat is a short film by Ronald Riqueros of Block6Films in New York City.

Clocking out at just under 20 minutes, the film is a 'post modernist horror tale' full of opera, orgasms, and a cannibalistic femme fatale. It stars Brazilian male model Renato Ferreira in his acting debut, as well as Erika Hennings and Amelia Huckle-Bauer. Ferreira plays a gorgeous model-turned-pornstar named Max Steele. Max is just doing 'solo videos' for now but there's no denying he KNOWS he's hot and he loves being consumed. Mia (Huckle-Bauer) is a chef with a carnivorous taste palette and a published author of a cookbook specializing in exotic meat dishes... (go figure!) She develops an interesting relationship with Steele quickly but ends up wanting to consume him in ALL senses of the word! Hennings plays Steele's loyal girlfriend and opera singer (who doesn't know he's on any porn sites at first!). The film has already gained critical acclaim from the Boston Underground Film Festival but since August 15th it is now available to the public for rent or purchase via Vimeo-On-Demand.

My favourite thing about the film is the way the storyline progresses. You get glimpses into each of the characters lives and then they collide in a sexy tale of consumption and obsession. The use of the colour red as a motif and foreshadowing in the film is brilliantly done and is subtle enough in simple objects that it's not cheesy. Be sure to rent or purchase the film and share it!