Morning GloryVille - it's not what you think!

What do Robyn, Le Tigre, Deee-Lite, Kylie Minogue, Gossip, Madonna, David Bowie and Lady Gaga have in common? Well according to Time Out, they rank among the top 50 gay-icons who released quintessential dance anthems. 

The current explosion of EDM and dance music wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the gay club movement. Movement being the operative word. The origins of the current dance music scene, are essentially, gay. You don’t have to take my word for it - from the Red Bull Music Academy Larry Levan Street Party in lower Manhattan to the weekly popcorn at Heaven Under The Arches in London, the sweaty underworld of any major city is testament to this. Darling, where HAVE you been? And even if “DJ-driven dance music may have long since outgrown its minority origins” the truth is, gay men CAN dance (far better, and seemingly more often, than the hetties).

I’ve been on a search to find the best party in London for about a year now (I even blog about it), and I kept coming back to gay clubs because of two things. The music, and the dance moves. There are probably many reasons for this - but let's face it, coming out takes confidence. Once you’ve burst your way out of the closet (all the way from Narnia), and figured out exactly who you are and who you want to be - it reflects in the way you move. Reflects like a disco-ball in the moonlight. 

However, a couple of years ago, something terrible happened. Well, it was incredible, but terrible (for me personally, because I’m female)...

Bear (ahem) with me 
My Gays discovered XXL. Suddenly, my dear friends were no longer available. They were buseeeeeee. The strict, ’no women’ policy is a cruel and unusual punishment. Alas, necessity is the mother of invention. 
I had to look elsewhere to get my beat on.

Somewhere with great music, somewhere where it was okay to just be... somewhere to feel comfortable on the dance floor, away from people who couldn’t dance and wore straight cut jeans with white trainers. I mean, who wears straight-cut jeans with trainers? The straight men do. They do it all the time. Like to ‘the Walkabout’.

And then there was Morning Gloryville 
The morning rave with a difference. Think beautiful (semi-naked) people, glamour, feathers, glitter, unicorns, complete abandon and complete acceptance. All are welcome. LGBT, all ages (yup, even kids), and all races. Introduced to me by one of my gay friends, Gareth (shout out to Gareth!), it's become a firm favourite. 

And that name! Though it suggests otherwise, it’s actually quite wholesome (which is also a surprising change). The no drugs or booze policy is a glorious middle finger waving in the face of club culture, and just to push it to another level, yeah, it starts at 6am in the morning.

The best part? Incredible DJ’s often headline. Fatboy Slim headlined their most recent morning rave - as a secret surprise guest on their second birthday celebration. 

A video from Morning Gloryville's second birthday bash featuring Fatboy Slim.

Here are some pics from the day…

Beautiful costumes
Best outfit winner
Beautiful unicorns

For those of you on the other side of the pond, you’ll be happy to know Morning Gloryville exists in San Fran, NYC and Montreal. I’m not going to get too political, but the truth is, I support all parties. And this is one I can highly recommend!