Man Crush Monday : Boys Of Life

You may have heard of NYC film maker Ronald Riqueros before on our site from our previous post about one of our favourite short films last year "Beautiful Meat", starring Renato Ferreira. This year however, Riqueros (or @a_blue_heart on instagram) is working on something even saucier...a series called Boys Of Life. The series captures the beauty of the male body and the spirit of poetry. It's eye candy and also eye protein....Mmmhmm no complaints there. Each episode is a stunning and erotic short film that features a favourite social media male model against narration of classic and modern poetry. The first episode of the series features international acrobat and performer @Acrodave and will premiere this Valentine's Day exclusively on Vimeo on Demand. Each episode is $1.99 and you can PRE-ORDER episode 1 as soon as February 3rd.

We got to see a brief look at the first episode and everything about it is beautiful - the lighting, the angles, the way the background music and poetry coincide, and not to mention the gorgeous @Acrodave in multiple pairs of underwear and various stages of nudity - very very easy on the eyes. He's definitely deserving of our Man Crush Monday. The series is NSFW - but the elements of nudity are crafted artistically and serve a purpose in the narrative. The inclusion of poetry infuses the romance and soulfulness of a true cinematic journey. It's eye candy for the soul. 

Check out a preview for Boys Of Life here...

Be sure to pre-order or purchase and follow the rest of the gorgeous boys to come in future episodes!