Lady Gaga's Top Moments as The Countess on American Horror Story : Hotel

Less than a year ago Little Monsters and the rest of the general public shrieked out in the night after Lady Gaga's 20 second teaser video clip aired announcing that she was to star in season five of American Horror Story : Hotel.


Since October 2015, Lady Gaga's character 'The Countess' entered our hearts, our minds, and our...blood streams? Among one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2015 - the evil Countess of the Hotel Cortez and her signature razor sharp manicured gloves and pansexual museum of lovers quickly caught onto pop culture and allowed Lady Gaga to shine in a brand new light - as an actress. Many singers have crossed over to the acting world before - some accomplished, some cringe worthy, but Lady Gaga's exceptional talent put that skepticism aside and won her a Golden Globe as best leading actress in a television series, affiliating her with the likes of other singers-turned-actresses such as Cher, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand, and Beyoncé. 

our top gaga ahs moments this season:


THat Look she first gives tristan at the fashion show

If looks could KILL - this one would shatter you instantly. As soon as The Countess sees the drool worthy fashion model/junkie Tristan Duffy for the first time her eyes are hypnotically locked in on him - and you find out WHY later on in the season, WHO he actually reminds her spoilers here - go watch on iTunes or wait for the DVD release.

"who's the little mouse now?!"

Once The Countess discovers the couple Rudy and Natacha, whom she initially fell in love with and also contracted the blood virus and her immortality from have survived and been trapped in the Cortez the whole time, she pays for them to get adjusted to the new modern world. Natacha (whom the Countess was always been a little jealous of) starts to cost the Countess a fortune with all of her spending. The Countess and Rudy plot for monogamy and decided to end Natacha. When the Countess was merely just "Elizabeth" and met the couple for the first time, Natacha always referred to her as "the little mouse" - but when the Countess shoots her she delivers the epic line "WHO'S THE LITTLE MOUSE NOW!?" and we applaud applaud applaud.

sexy argument with donovan

This is one of my favourite scenes of the entire season. Donovan soon gets jealous of the Countess' newest squeeze Tristan Duffy. Labelling Tristan "just a trashy dumb model",  they get in a passionate argument over him in which the Countess degrades Donovan by retorting "You were a pathetic addict on a filthy floor" and it's clear who runs this relationship! She's in charge like a G.U.Y. in her nonchalance, sexy kimona, and long 'I-just-had-sex-but-not-with-you' hair. As the argument gets more and more heated she wraps her legs around him to draw him closer into her manipulative hold.


When the Countess discovers a hidden chamber in the hotel she looks horrified. Even Iris (Kathy Bates character) comments she's never seen The Countess look scared before. At a dinner with Mr.March she discovers he has been hiding Rudy & Natacha in the Cortez all along and reveals he is responsible for them missing their train years ago, she screams at the top of her lungs (and it doesn't even SOUND like Gaga the acting is so good) "THAT'S WHAT WAS BACK THERE!!!!????" and it's definitely one of her most passionate, heated, dramatic moments as the Countess.


When Liz Taylor and Tristan reveal they are truly in love and beg for the Countess' blessing for them to be together, the fabulous green turban'd Gaga - who meanwhile has been distracted with wooing Will Drake sits up and coldly declares "I don't share" - and we love it's campiness, it's flawlessness, and all it's diva gesture and the irony because of how MANY lovers she's had but won't share. 

Bloody 4somes and all the sexxx

Gaga's first scene in the first episode of the season was JAW DROPPING! It was roughly 6 minutes all set to the song "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. She snorts a line of cocaine, puts on her lipstick, heads out of the Hotel Cortez accompanied by Donovan in her long red cape, face net, silver glove and diamond wrapped bustier. They head to an outdoor movie theatre and pick up another couple that want to swing.

They head back to the Hotel and engage in a hot four-some before Donovan and The Countess slit the couple's throats and have their meal for the day. Gaga actually has quite many graphic sex scenes throughout the rest of the season with multiple partners, genders, and locations (...Bathtub scene with Tristan....mmmhmm). This sex scene definitely tops the list though, as it was her character's introduction into to the show. 

bitchslapping mr.march

As the Countess plans to turn the mysterious chamber into an archive vault for Will Drake's previous collections the ghost of Mr.March comes to interfere with the contractors. Once the contractors leave the Countess turns around by bitchslapping Mr.March super hard in the face and screaming "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND!!!!?" she warns him not to interfere again and tells him she "would kill him if he wasn't dead already" and that he disgusts her. Gaga is POWERFUL in this scene and we love when she screams (on stage, and on film).


After the Countess and Ramona Royale's long and dramatic history together, the Countess is finally weak and vulnerable enough in order for Ramona to get her revenge and kill her. But however weak the Countess might be, she still has her powers of seduction and begs Ramona "screw me first".

"GODDESSES don't speak in whispers - they scream"

In one of the Countess' most compassionate scenes she is seen helping Liz Taylor into her transition of a transgendered woman and we see how kind the Countess can be. Brilliant writing, direction, and acting in this scene between Gaga and Denis O'Hare. It's really quite touching because Lady Gaga brings her message of 'Born This Way' into her character. When Liz appears merely just as a cross dressing man and his colleagues discover him dressed up and bully him, taunting him, asking if he's a fag and if he has AIDS, the Countess quickly appears slitting their throats. The Countess tells Liz that she looks like a man but her blood smells like a woman's. She also says Liz doesn't lack beauty but she lacks "commitment" and helps her discover her true self, dressing her up, christening her as Liz Taylor and telling her that "Goddesses don't speak in whispers - they scream". The Countess also has many touching lines such as "We have two selves, the one the world needs us to be - compliant, and THE SHADOW - ignore it and life is ever suffering". And it's so true not only for everyone watching but also for Liz's identity in this storyline. 

The entire "Flicker" episode

By far one of the best episodes of the season. We get to see The Countess' back story before she was "The Countess" - we get to see her innocence, her naivety, her vulnerabilities, and how deeply she really loves Rudy and Natacha. 

"You have a jawline for days" - Part i + II

According to Ryan Murphy the creator of American Horror Story, Lady Gaga IMPROVISED this line when speaking of Donovan to Iris,  and they kept it and then wrote it back in to the script in the FINAL closing scene for the season finale when The Countess meats some new prey. ICONIC. YYYYYAAAAAAASSSSS GAGA SLAAAAAYYYYY MAMA!

So there you have it, Lady Gaga truly slayed us this season on AHS winning a Golden Globe for her performance. We can't wait to see what she does next with her new album LG5 and her new acting career. Maybe she'll be on AHS next season or Scream Queens!