Dear Kylie, Kiss Me (More Than) Once

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I had something incredibly fabulous happen to me recently. I was blessed to be in the same room, breathing the same air as Kylie Minogue as she performed the final show in her international touring production, Kiss Me Once.

Throughout life, like many of you, I have had my fair share of musical idols. They range across many genres and eras, but there are very few who I get this excited about being around. Kylie’s up there for me and everyone else out there with a decent taste in music. We love Kylie here in Australia. I’m just sad we don’t see enough of her. For me, she’s like a really cool big sister that you adore but only really get to see at Christmas. 

Kylie’s Kiss Me Once Tour was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time. That’s a big call for someone like me who works in the industry and has seen hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of live performance.

The show began with a fantastic performance from Betty Who (if you don’t know her, look her up. She’s fabulous.) followed by a truly awesome DJ set from Academy Award winner Giorgio Moroder, after which I was shivering with antici...pation for Queen Kylie.

As the fanfare built and the dancers took their place on the stage, Kylie slowly rose from the pit on a giant set of luscious lips singing Les Sex from her latest album. After my initial fan girl scream (which you can hear on my Instagram and apparently also in New Zealand) Kylie continually belted out hit after hit with the same enthusiasm as her die hard fans gave to her that night. The set list included a collection of Kylie hits that spanned her entire career, but unfortunately she didn’t quite sing EVERYTHING I’ve wanted to hear her sing live. But, let’s be fair. Kylie’s career started before I was born and her music collection is extensive to say the least. I want to note, however, I was very appreciative when she slipped in a well sung rendition of my favourite INXS song Need You Tonight, in an honourable nod to the late Michael Hutchence.

What I truly love most about Kylie is that she never fails to make you feel special. A few songs into the show, the Showgirl herself spotted a fan holding a sign that read “Kylie, will you PLEASE kiss me once?”, at which point she invited him onto the stage and he cheekily took a selfie as the Australian Princess of Pop planted one on his cheek (good ways). A little bit further into the show she started donating some of the roses that were delivered to her dressing room. The final rose she kissed and requested that the audience pass it to the patron at the very back of the venue, which was successful -  albeit a little after the song had ended but we made it!

I have the coolest Mum :) You better put yo hand on your heart, hunty! @kylieminogue

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Everything about the show was incredible. Absolutely incredible. The costumes, the lights, the dancers and even the animated sequences that distracted us while everyone got changed. Seeing Kylie live is something that you need to do. NEED to. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan, her shows have something  that everyone can appreciate. Whilst her shows are always camp, they’re never over the top. Kylie serves nothing but the down-to-earth Aussie chick we fell in love with when she was still known as Charlene on Neighbours.

To reiterate what the thousands of Aussies have been telling you all week, we truly do love you, Kylie and we can’t wait to see you again. Especially yours truly.