Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Are A Thing Again


"You go, boy!" shouted every aspiring sugar baby in North America today. After a long off-again, on-again relationship, JLo and Casper have decided to come out, once again, as a couple via Jennifer's Instagram account. 


But because we like to over-analyze every minute detail of pressing stories such as this one, let's break down JLo's hashtags, shall we? 

#MCM - Man Craves Money.

#LoveThisPic - Jennifer Lopez may need to consult an optometrist. That picture is 60dpi at best. It looks like the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

#HandsomeBear - Casper Smart is ready to shed his twink status and exchange it for bear status. He's grown facial hair and changed his Grindr profile description to "masc" and everything. If you need a reminder of Casper's former twink and then jock status, look no further. Perhaps he has even migrated his profile to Scruff already!


Seriously though, Jennifer Lopez is an incredible woman who deserves all of the happiness in the world. I'm personally wishing these two all the best, because they do seem like a great couple, even if Casper likes some D every now and then. Who knows, since American Idol is wrapping up in 2016, Jennifer might even get her own show on Netflix: "Grace, Frankie and Jennifer."