I've Got a Sweet Tooth for Cookie Lyon


If you haven’t caught up on “Empire” since the season finale on March 18th, then what the hell is wrong with you? Discard whatever reasons you may have for not watching Fox’s breakout series, because those reasons are irrelevant. Taraji P. Henson’s standout performance as the series’ incomparable Cookie Lyon is all the reason you need to hop aboard the “Empire” bandwagon.

Cookie Lyon is known for her dynamic wardrobe filled with bold patterns, animal prints, and a luxe array of furs. In addition to being a fashion icon, Cookie also possesses a sharp tongue and an innate ability to read her adversaries to filth (a feat which would leave even the most quick-witted of RuPaul’s queens shaking in their heels).  Despite a few irreverent comments, Cookie’s unconditional love for her gay son Jamal (initially displayed in the pilot episode) and her ability to throw shade was enough to keep me fangirling throughout the whole season.


My obsession with Cookie Lyon is so strong that I am already planning on being her for Halloween, obviously sans blackface (I’m looking at you, Julianne Hough). Help me decide which of Cookie’s flawless looks I should rock for Halloween by telling me a few of your favorites. Personally, my favorite is her White Party get-up because who doesn’t like the combination of a high pony and a fur coat?

                                                                                             Jamal and Cookie Lyon at the White Party

                                                                                             Jamal and Cookie Lyon at the White Party

All in all Taraji P. Henson’s portrayal of Cookie Lyon is incredible and she is definitely the standout of the series’ star-studded cast.  For you readers that have watched “Empire” and even more so for those of you that haven’t yet (seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?) show some support for Taraji P. Henson as she hosts Saturday Night Live on April 11th and you can catch up on the complete first season of Fox’s “Empire” on Hulu Plus.