Introducing... The Ken Show! πŸ˜ƒ


Move over Ryan Seacrest, there's a new bitch in town. The sassy, fun and flamboyant on-air personality, Ken James delivers what's hot in Hollywood with his take on celebrity news.

The Ken Show, which premiered March 2016 on YouTube, gives viewers a unique insight on all things Pop Culture. There are no topics too big, or controversy too wild that Ken James won't address in his new weekly web-series airing every Monday & Thursday. 

Ken James, AKA Billy Smeriglio, has worked in television production for several years and is now sharing his creativity, experiences, and blunt opinions with the world.

Go get dirty with Ken and subscribe to his channel. You won't regret it! We're already huge fans! 😍

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Twitter: CallMe_KenJames
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