I Deleted Grindr For Good...


I used to go on plenty of dates up until about 18 months ago when something seemed to change in our culture among millennials. It appears that young people today prefer to chat on apps and never actually meet. And if they decide to meet, they prefer it to be a brief one-night fling (or a hookup, if you will). 

I don't believe myself to be an unattractive guy. I've got a great career, I've been known to make people laugh and I always keep other people's best interests at heart. I'd like to think I'm a catch. But why has it gotten harder to make genuine connections with people out there?

The answer is this: we've been glued to our phones for so long that we got lost somewhere along the way. I've been just as guilty of this phenomenon. Millennials are looking for that "perfect" person who really doesn't exist. It comes from growing up watching all those sappy Nora Ephron films and listening to the romantic pop tracks that infiltrated the top 40. As entertaining as they were, they didn't portray realistic life, but we still all bought into the fantasy.

^^ This is me :) 

^^ This is me :) 

When I took an objective look at how much time I have wasted on these apps in my spare time, "shopping" for people to talk to, I couldn't help but yearn to make a lifestyle shift. Even more unappealing to me, I can't believe the intolerance I see among gay men online: masc only, no Asians, etc. I'm quite certain that most of us were brought up with a better moral code than this.

So that's why I've decided to plug myself back into the real world. As of today, I have deleted every dating app from my phone (and I hope to keep it that way): Grindr, Tinder, Bumble and Hornet. I'm going to go out into the world and do what I do best - meet new people and create new friendships based off of real-life connections.

It seems scary. I'm not even one day in, and I feel like I'm missing out. Here's to hoping I've made a positive life decision, and am not condemning myself to singlehood for the second half of my twenties.

Have you ever unplugged yourself from dating apps? What was your experience.