How to Halloween in NYC

I am not very good at creating Halloween costumes. My most successful outfit to date was in college, when I dressed as Glen Coco (a hoodie, jeans, and four candy canes). A close second would have to be my “Center of the Universe” costume, which involved a black cocktail dress and lots of star stickers I bought at the dollar store. When all the stickers fell off two hours into the evening, I started calling myself a Black Hole instead.

While my costuming skills are lacking, my partying skills are legendary. I’d much rather spend time scouring the internet each year for sweet ass events to attend come All Hallows Eve than for inspiration on what I’ll wear to them. New York has always been the place to let your freak flag fly, and because of that but we take Halloween very seriously. Our parties are scary-great.

There is no shortage of sick ways to celebrate this weekend. Whether you prefer tricks, treats, or trippy adventures, there’s something for you to do in the city for Halloween 2015.

For the classic-New-York Halloween:
The 42nd annual Halloween Parade kicks off in the Village on Saturday. Head to 6th Avenue and Canal Street at 6:30PM to march alongside goblins, ghouls, and Gwen Stefani impersonators in this iconic procession. If you’re more interested in watching the proceedings than participating, grab a spot along the parade route. Space is limited, so get there early.
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For dinner and a show and maybe some horrific nightmares afterward:
The minds behind the immersive theater experience Sleep No More are hosting a costume party at their McKittrick Hotel venue. Come to Inferno dressed as your favorite Halloween troublemaker, and join the Punchdrunk ensemble for a night of revelry with surprises around every corner. For the full shebang, you can take part in the Macbeth-inspired performance and a feast before the main event.
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For the not-so faint of heart:
Blood Manor consistently sits at the top of critics’ lists for the city’s best haunted houses. With a minimum age requirement and over 5,000 square feet of West Village real estate to explore, this spooky attraction is not a place to go if you scare easily. Or maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for.
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For a club-kid-kind of night of horrors:
For me, every night at Webster Hall is Webster Hell. The ever-packed venue is hosting the official Halloween Parade after party, where you can rub up on a sweaty stranger under seizure-inducing strobe lights dressed in a skimpy outfit like it’s any other Saturday night. Embrace the chaos, and may you not leave with someone’s puke all over your back like I did the last time I spent Halloween there.
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For those who aren't afraid to get a little wet:
Daybreaker parties are a summer staple, but their Mad Hatter Halloween Cruise is bringing the insanity to open waters this fall. This Alice in Wonderland-themed booze cruise is sure to be a killer time, and in the very least gives you the opportunity to dress as T-Pain circa 2009 and yell, “I’M ON A BOAT!"
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For the horror film buffs:
No Halloween is complete without a slew of slasher flicks. Nighthawk Cinemas presents the best of them for your enjoyment at A Nite to Dismember, bringing classics like Poltergeist, House on Haunted Hill, and Scream back to the silver screen. Those dedicated moviegoers who make it through the night will be rewarded with free breakfast come daybreak.
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For anyone who hasn't been to a warehouse party in Brooklyn yet:
BangON! NYC is one of the city’s top event producers, and the annual Warehouse of Horrors is always well-attended and well-reviewed. The secret location (read: an abandoned factory in Bushwick) will be packed with mind-bending art installations and performances going on until dawn. With tons of top DJs and a silent disco room, make sure your costume gives you the freedom to dance your ass off.
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For a Halloween thrills with a side of artichoke dip:
The Jekyll and Hyde Club may be a tourist trap, but it’s still a pretty entertaining place to have a meal. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, the West Village theme restaurant is full of creepy and kooky décor, and the promise random theatrical acts from performers every 10 minutes. The acting is cranked to 11 on Halloween, so expect even more surprises and sassy commentary from their talented crew members.
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For a one-of-a-kind Halloween adventure:
JunXion is known for their out-of-the-box party experiences, but they’re taking it to a whole new level this Halloween with Crossroads. March with their art cars in the parade, then hop on one of their buses to get transported to a secret location for the after party. Rumor has it that they’re taking revelers out of the city limits this year, trekking to a castle just north of the Bronx with Hudson River views. Only 100 people will be admitted, so if you can score a ticket you’ll get ultimate bragging rights among your friends until Halloween 2016.

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