Hilary Duff Creates Sparks


Hilary Duff is back with a fresh new video, in what is essentially an advertisement for Tinder.

I've always been of Hilary Duff - she has a sweet effervescent personality and never fails to deliver a catchy pop banger. She reminds me of a young Kylie Minogue, who started out her career recording campy bubblegum pop before making a foray into mainstream pop and dance music.

Lizzie McGuire has come a long way... Hilary looks flawless in the video, decked out in neon and multiple hair dye jobs. It's actually hard to believe that she's now a mom. While I' loving the single, I'm even more excited for the remixes and to see what other surprises she has up her sleeve for her upcoming album.

"Sparks" was featured on last week's Clubish Top 10 (ClubishDanceRadio.com), so if you like this jam, you're going to love everything else we're playing. Check us out at the link above or on iTunes Radio.

But in the meantime, watch Hilary's new video below and leave your comments. Do you think this video is a hit or a miss?