Grace & Frankie is a Triumph


It isn't often I find myself enjoying a new television show. Empire and Grace & Frankie are two of the only new programs on television I have enjoyed in years. The latter just premiered on Netflix this past week. 

Grace & Frankie stars legendary actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as they discover that both of their husbands are gay... and engaged to one another. The format of the show may appear to be a very dark comedy full of crass humour, but is full of so much heart, reminiscent of the classic sitcom. Grace & Frankie is full of same kind of heart that made a generation of viewers fall in love with Blanche, Dorothy and Rose on The Golden Girls.

Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin in the feminist classic comedy, "9 to 5"

Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin in the feminist classic comedy, "9 to 5"

Grace & Frankie is one of the most honest programs you'll see on television this season. There was no sugar coating the dark side of this program, where Fonda and Tomlin struggle with accepting that they may spend their golden years alone. But there are several moments of hilarity in each episode, perhaps the most endearing being Tomlin's relationship with her smartphone.

The chemistry between Tomlin and Fonda is simply magic on screen that hasn't been seen since their roles in the groundbreaking comedy, 9 to 5. Everything about Grace & Frankie just feels right. This is one program that deserves to be picked up for a second season - filled with so many hidden zingers and jokes that each episode begs to be watched more than once. 

This is one program to not be ashamed of binge watching.