COULD LG5 BE UPON US!?!?! The monster meltdowns have begun... THIS IS NOT A DRILL! A new Lady Gaga track titled "Funk The Punk" COULD be coming tomorrow (October 2nd) in some way, shape or form. All we know is that the track is produced by Nile Rodgers and she and the song are part of the new Tom Ford promotional campaign for Women's SS2016. Gaga broke her silence during the meltdowns and revealed on Twitter that this is the first time Tom Ford and (photographer) Nick Knight have worked together and that she "got to be there". Is this a first single from LG5? Or is it a one off? If it is a lead single it's the PERFECT time with the American Horror Story Season 5 premiere this Wednesday! Check out the new ad below


Turns out this was not the LG5 lead single were were salivating over but rather a cover of the 1979 disco classic "I Want Your Love" originally performed by Chic. Gaga slaaaaaaaayed the vocals! You can also hear additional vocals on some parts by none other than Nile Rodgers (original Chic band member in case you weren't from the 70's and didn't know). Hopefully her next album has some more modern disco vibes. You can listen to the full song and watch the full promotional campaign for TOM FORD SS2016 directed by Nick Knight here.