From Icon To Outcast... I Am Cait Has Been Cancelled?

When the second season of I Am Cait premiered to less than 1 million viewers, I assumed there was trouble for the show. And it's actually a real shame. Jenny Boylan, Kate Bornstein and Candis Cayne are incredible, inspirational advocates who deserve a real platform to change hearts and minds. I have so much respect and admiration for each and every one of the trail-blazing women featured on I Am Cait, who have very openly shared their stories.

Due to continued low ratings for the second season, insiders and bloggers have all been hearing rumours about an impending cancellation for the ground-breaking program.

I'm always coming from a place of love in my writing, but let me be very clear: the views of Caitlyn Jenner are flat out insulting to trans women struggling every single day. Through watching Caitlyn Jenner there was only one thing I learned: $he might have her rea$on$ for $tarring in this program, but they don't appear to be becau$e $he ha$ the be$t intere$t$ of the LGBT community at heart.

Caitlyn Jenner inspired and informed when she took on the challenge of revealing her transition from reality TV star Bruce Jenner, Olympic winner, and ex of Kris Jenner, to Caitlyn Jenner. Many in the transgender and LGBT community hoped that through Caitlyn, the LGBT community would achieve more acceptance. But with recent revelations about her conservative political stance, including slamming Hillary Clinton and defending Donald Trump, Jenner has become an outsider herself.

In all honesty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with economic and fiscal conservatism. In fact, there are times when it greatly benefits all of us. But there is certainly something wrong with social conservatism that wishes to push the LGBT community back into hiding. 

I think I say what many in the LGBT community are thinking when I say to Caitlyn that we're always here to welcome her with open arms. But before we let her speak on our behalf, she needs a reality check - and fast. Because if she can't check her own ego and privilege at the door, she's going to find herself in a very lonely place.