FOUR FOR THE FLOOR: July 4, 2014


"Break Free" by Ariana Grande feat. Zedd
This newly-released jam by Ariana Grande and Zedd may just have what it takes to snatch the coveted spot of song of the summer away from Kiesza. The dazzling and unrelentless EDM production is guaranteed to get bodies onto the dance floor. 
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"Back 2 Paradise (Extended Version)" by Guena LG and Amir Afargan feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
It's been a while since we heard anything new from European club legend, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, let alone up against a blistering electronic beat. The wait has been worth it! Guena LG and Amir Afargan have worked up a legendary piece of dance music perfection. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself.
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"Really Don't Care (Cole Plante Remix)" by Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd
What started out as an empowering break-up jam has quickly turned into a pro-equality anthem during pride season in North America. Over the past few years, Demo Lovato has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in pop music. When you mix her fantastic vocal and songwriting abilities with the slick production of Cole Plante, the results are absolutely sickening.
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"Jealous (I Ain't With It) [Benny Benassi Remix]" by Chromeo
I wasn't too familliar with Chromeo until I had the pleasure of seeing them live at the MMVAs last month and I was literally blown away by the talent of this Canadian duo. Their apparant disco influence combined with Benny Benassi's Italo-house beats are a perfect match for one another. Turnt up to full volume, this jam is guaranteed to get your feet moving and your heart racing!
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