FOUR FOR THE FLOOR: July 10, 2014


"Won't Look Back" by Duke Dumont
What's old is new again and Duke Dumont is at the forefront of the resurrection of house music in the mainstream. Incorporating powerful throaty vocals and ferocious deep beats, "Won't Look Back" takes the listener right back to the early days of the genre when Frankie Knuckles reigned supreme. Released in the wake of two consecutive number one hits for Duke Dumont, this track is drenched in hot summer vibes. Are you sure you're ready for this?
Available on iTunes August 24, 2014  |  Listen Here

"Love Too Deep" by Ferreck Dawn & Redondo
The deep house beats of "Love Too Deep" are incredibly reminiscent of "Show Me Love" by Robin S and have all the makings of a club smash. Gen Y is all over this retro house sound which is quickly coming back into vogue through visionaries like Kiesza and Duke Dumont. Watch out for this track to do severe damage on the Billboard Hot Dance charts and blast into heavy rotation on the club circuit.
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"Lovers On The Sun" by David Guetta feat. Sam Martin
Yeehaw! Western-tinged EDM was brought into the mainstream last year by Avicii, who co-produces here aside David Guetta. Get ready for a frenzy of remixes because this track has all the makings of a pop radio smash. On a side note, "Lovers On The Sun" was released only days before the start of Calgary Stampede, where "Wake Me Up" ruled the charts this time last year. Coincidence? I think not.
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"Sleepless" by Cazzette feat. The High
Cazzette has released their greatest and most unique track to date with "Sleepless." This is definitely a departure from the sound we're used to from Cazzette, but could definitely stand to hear more of. This deep house-driven track is soaked with robotic vocals and heartfelt lyrics that cut deep. Who know that heartbreak could be so sizzling under the strobe lights?
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