Everybody Dance: The Return of CHIC


Disco is back, and the pioneers of disco music are back with a fresh new single from their upcoming comeback album, It's About Time. If you've never gotten down on the floor to a funky Nile Rodgers jam, you probably haven't been to a nightclub since 1975. Nile Rodgers has worked with nearly every major musical icon of the past four decades, including Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Madonna, David Bowie, Adam Lambert, Michael Jackson and Daft Punk.

The lead single, I'll Be There, is a sleek throwback anthem with a hot video featuring supermodel, Karlie Kloss. I'll Be There was a track originally intended for Sister Sledge, but was never recorded, only to be discovered again years later when CHIC made the decision to reunite.

Watch the sexy new video below and don't forget to download the track on iTunes.