Born to Slaaaay! "BORN THIS WAY" was born THIS day - 4 YEARS AGO!

It’s hard to believe how time flies in this pop-cultural universe! On May 23rd, 2011 pop superstar Lady Gaga "birthed a new race" and released her revolutionary third album Born This Way, selling more than 8 million copies worldwide and spawning 5 hit singles “Born This Way”, “Judas”, “The Edge of Glory”, “You and I” and “Marry The Night”. This album united many Little Monsters and changed society’s consciousness and conversation about everything from gay rights, immigration laws, religion, to self-identity, and most importantly - the issue of bullying. Along with her visual masterpiece music videos, a colourful array of live promotional performances, and the creation of her and her mother’s Born This Way Foundation, Gaga’s sold-out worldwide tour inside of a massive castle The Born This Way Ball changed many lives and strengthened her connection to her growing global fanbase. 

Although the tour was highly successful it faced some adversity in Indonesia and Russia. Religious protestors threatened Gaga and her fans forcing her to cancel her show in Jakarta. This incident later inspired lyrics in both songs “PARTYNAUSEOUS” and 2013’s ARTPOP opus/should’ve-been-a-single “Gypsy” where she’s listing off the countries she’s toured before singing the lyric “someday in Jakarta”. In Russia they threatened to arrest Gaga and later tried to sue her along with Madonna and her 2012 MDNA Tour for “promoting gay propaganda” to young people in their country. The last North American leg of the tour was eventually cancelled after a show in Montreal due to Gaga's progressive hip injury. I was lucky enough to see two shows in Vancouver about a month before the tour ended. Here's the EPIC little monster cult hit - "Scheiße" live in Germany - the choreography! ugh I can't even....

The whole world might not have been ready for some of Born This Way’s revolutionary themes and potential to change, but the important thing is (at the time) Gaga was the only public figure consistently brave enough to fight the fight and stick to her guns. Like she said to Ben Mulroney in her 2011 eTalk special “you won’t appreciate me now, you’ll all appreciate me 20 years from now”.

Let’s hope it’s not that long Gaga…In the meantime, let’s take a look back at our Top 5 favourite moments from the Born This Way era!


Hatching out of Hussein Chalayan’s “vessel” (also referred to by many as “the egg”) Gaga performed the lead single live for the first time with her alien cheekbones and gorgeous modern dance routine choreographed by Laurieann Gibson and Richy Jackson. 


Gaga invited us all over for Thanksgiving on her first ABC special. With special performances including her first live collaboration with Tony Bennett - “The Lady Is A Tramp” 


Gaga got to be a guest judge on the hit reality show So You Think You Can Dance and also wowed us with a live performance of her hit summer singles “The Edge of Glory” and “You And I”.


Leading up to the big album release date Gaga walked the runway at 5’ 3” (that's not including the massive alien like heels she strut in) during the Thierry Mugler runway show in Paris, also teasing new tracks from the album “Government Hooker” and soon-to-be little monster cult hit “Scheiße”


Gaga’s male alter ego and co-star of the “You and I” music video Jo Calderone opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with a revealing monologue about what it’s like to be one of Gaga’s lovers, before singing a kick ass live version of “You and I” with Brian May from Queen on guitar. My favourite part was watching all the other celebrities’ reactions to the monologue! Britney Spears’ jaw dropped so wide and Justin Bieber looked pretty uncomfortable...

What are some of your favourite memories from Born This Way? Share your comments below.