Adam Lambert Revisits The 90's With "Ghost Town"


I've heard the future of pop music, and it sounds strikingly similar to the beats of the nineties. But I'm not complaining, I think that nineties house marked one of the finest moments in music's history: one part disco, one part soul and one major bassline. House music just feels good and it never fails to turn the party.

While Ghost Town is the most modern sound Adam Lambert has recorded, it is not completely unexpected. Rather, it appears to be a part of a natural progression among his records. Lambert's first release, For Your Entertainment, took inspiration form 70's rock and his follow-up record, Trespassing, was rooted in the funky disco beats of the 80's.

While Lambert has recorded several tracks over the years that should have been huge hits, this one has the most potential to become a song-of-the-summer smash. In fact, if this isn't playing in every club by the end of June, I will eat one of Adam's eyeliner pens. 

Sorry Madonna, your own current single of the same title is absolutely brilliant, but Adam Lambert's modern production may just beat you in chart performance. But then again, there is room for both a king and a queen on the pop charts. Which ghost town would you prefer to stay in?

Side note to any enterprising DJs who might be reading this - you better get on putting together a mashup STAT! Listen to both tracks below, and download the tracks on iTunes now: