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Welcome to IshTalk! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog - I'm excited to share my site with you!

My name is Teigan Reamsbottom (yes, that's legit my last name) and I'm a single 20-something living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm a Digital Marketing Strategist, but my other passion lies in broadcast. As a former radio DJ and a published newspaper columnist, I think I have created a very unique approach to the traditional pop culture blog utilizing all forms of media. I hope you enjoy the site!

In my circle of friends, I am known as the king of one-liners. My sense of humour is dark, sharp and is sure to keep you gagging... but I also have a very enlightened outlook on life to share. Think of me as a sassy life coach.

Now, you might be wondering what "IshTalk" stands for. There's straight talk (Hello, Dolly!) and then there's ish (sh*t) talk. On this blog, we're going to dive right into a variety of topics. We'll be talking about living well, enlightened thinking, great music, pop culture... and we'll be throwing a lot of shade at the same time. Life's too short to be taken too seriously, so we're going to have a good time!

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Get ready to talk some serious ish.

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